Reiki Energy Healing

How a Professional Hands On Healing Session Can Help You With Relieving Pain And Stress

The name Reiki is said to be the Japanese version of spiritual healing by channeling energy through the hands. Reiki's origins go back 2,500 years and was introduced in the West by founder Mikao Usui as a complimentary therapy in the early 1900's.

The work Reiki is composed of two Japanese word: "Rei" which can be translated as "Universal Higher Power, God's Wisdom, The Higher Self and is All Knowing" 

"Ki" can be translated as "Spiritual or Life Force Energy."

Reiki is transmitted through the practitioner, the "Universal Life-Force Energy" travels through the heart chakra, through the arms and out through the smaller chakras in the palms of the hands and into the client. Balancing the mind, body and soul creating an overall sense of wellbeing, empowerment, peace and clarity. Resulting in less stress and anxiety in our lives.

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