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What is Reiki Energy Healing?

All About Reiki

Some people swear by Reiki energy healing, but what exactly is Reiki?

This amazing energy healing technique can help a person use their own ability to bring on balance and peace within their body as well as their spirit. It is based on an actual scientific principle that all living things possess a flow of energy. Since energy can become blocked or be present at a much lower level than necessary, it can cause your body and mind distress. Undergoing a Reiki session can help restore the flow of energy to your body as well as improve both your emotional and spiritual well-being and provide you with an overall sense of wellness.

The word Reiki was created from two Japanese words, Rei which means the higher power, and Ki which means life force energy. Since the body is created from energy, it includes all energy that comes into it, is stored, and the energy that leaves the body. It also addresses the energy that circulates through your body that is interpreted by the chakras which are the energy centers of the body. It is believed that your body has channels to allow for energy to flow and that all of these channels meet at the chakras. When the chakras are open and energy is flowing properly, you will feel good and enjoy good physical and mental health but when they are closed and are unbalanced, you will experience pain and other physical and emotional imbalances.

Reiki healing is designed to open up these closures in your channels through Reiki sessions with a professional who is experienced with Reiki to provide you and your body with peace, harmony, relaxation, and an overall feeling of good health and well-being.

Reiki Sessions

During a Reiki session, intention and affirmations are incorporated to help you create a present-tense statement that is positive and connects you in an emotional way to the desired outcome of the session. In other words, Reiki helps you tap into your body’s energy flow and chakras to help yourself and to improve the energy flow within your body and mind. You will also end up with a heightened awareness of all things around you, including your own thoughts.

The main principle when it comes to Reiki is that it is done with someone helping you, not the person doing it to you. You will use your own energy for healing and are facilitating the process and participating on your own with the assistance of a Reiki practitioner, such as Alchemy in Healing so that you can achieve freedom from physical and emotional pain to achieve amazing physical and mental health.

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