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What is Past Life Regression Therapy and is it Right for You?

Past life regression therapy is used as a way to help us connect with our past under the belief that by connecting with a previous life, it can benefit our current one. This type of therapy can help us unlock trauma we have experienced, provide us with a better understanding of anxieties we experience, and even help us understand why we have certain physical ailments or diseases.

This type of therapy was formed under the premise that there is a carry-over of memories from one life to another that we all possess because of our souls which continue to experience lives and stay conscious even after our bodies die.

Many people want to explore their past lives, including their memories, feelings, and traumas, to understand how they may be affecting them in their current life.

How Does Past Life Regression Therapy?

During a past life regression therapy session, a therapist trained in this type of therapy will guide you into a relaxed, or hypnotic, state that will allow you to recall memories you have from any past lives.

This type of therapy can unlock memories that happened in a past life, including key events and places you may have visited. The therapist may even guide you through the death that you suffered in the past life and bring you into the realm that lies between lifetimes. This therapy is based on the belief that you can unlock emotions and energy that is blocked or stuck and that you may even be able to recognize people from a prior lifetime that are here with you in your present lifetime.

After the therapy helps a person to unlock their past lives, additional work is done over time to help the person let go of whatever trauma or emotions they are still carrying around with them in their current life from those experiences in their past lives.

While this type of therapy is not rooted in modern science, it is I believe that many people who feel very spiritual believe in and value. It basically involves calling on guidance from your higher self or even a spiritual guide to help you with the next steps you need to take in your current life.

At Alchemy In Healing, a therapist will put you into a relaxed and meditative state to allow you to connect with your past lives. You will be guided and taught how to balance your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being in a healthy way to overcome stress and other negative emotions that can be affecting your current life and relationships.

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