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How Reiki Healing Can Help

You can experience deep healing with any number of modalities. Reiki healing has grown in popularity as it's become more well known and accessible.

Sending healing energy has proven therapeutic effects, and even studies show that it can be effective in helping people heal and live more vibrant lives.

1. More than a placebo

Reiki practitioners know they're doing the real deal, with powerful healing light. Modern scientists conducted a study, comparing Reiki to a placebo, and they found the results showed that Reiki is more effective.

2. Excellent complementary therapy

If you are undergoing any healing modality, complementary therapies like Reiki infuse the body with energy and help to promote enhanced well-being. You can see the results when it's compared to other allopathic methods and even Eastern therapies.

3. Used in Hospitals

Nurses and doctors are now being trained and attuned to Reiki because it is shown to work! Patient outcomes improve when doctors or nurses give healing light.

4. Used to treat veterans

Attunement to the spiritual life force and treatment is shown to be superior for treating both emotional and physical issues. Veterans with PTSD responded well to the treatment, and it has beneficial effects.

5. Treats stress

In this day and age, who isn't stressed? Reiki energy is shown to be healing and therapeutic for treating psychosomatic symptoms, including feelings of stress.

6. Widely accepted

Estimates say that more than 4,000,000 people around the world have received some kind of Reiki training! This growing community supports others in their healing. For the past decades, it's grown in popularity and more and more people have adapted it in their healing practice.

7. Reduces pain levels

Controlled studies show that Reiki can help manage and even reduce pain levels. This is an amazing outcome that many people from all areas of life can make good use of. For example, some use it on patients after tooth extraction surgery and have beneficial results.

8. Helps treat depression

The enlivening effects of Reiki sessions can help improve mental health over the long term. After treatment, recipients reported feeling reduced levels of depression. Having support and also being plugged into the universal life force helps people's moods to shift.

9. Helps reduce anxiety

On a similar note, Reiki treatments can help to lower the feelings of anxiety. You can feel calmer and more enlivened without anxiety when you work with Reiki. This peace of mind is doubly helpful when healing.

10. Enhanced cognition

Alzheimer's and dementia patients treated with reiki show improved memory and cognition! Also, it can help to ease many of the problematic symptoms that are associated with cognitive disorders. The result is a better caregiver and patient relationship.

Reiki is useful to help people from all areas of life have a better quality of life. It enhances both physical and mental health. Using it as a complementary method can speed up recovery times and have long lasting effects!

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