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Healing Through Natural Energy

Sedona, AZ, is a serene and stunning location. With the red and white cliffs and winding creaks, it's hard not to feel relaxed when you are there. If you are injured and looking for treatment, it is as relaxing as the environment. Alchemy in Healing can be an alternative to getting you back on your feet.

Massage and Reiki treatments are a great way to encourage the body to heal naturally. If you are suffering from pain, it can seem like there is no solution besides turning to surgery or pain medication. Even then, these methods do not always provide the results that we are expecting.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is a great treatment option for people that are suffering from a number of different ailments, no matter their age and lifestyle. Massage is a homeopathic treatment that is focused on encouraging your body to dig deep and work to awaken that natural ability for self-healing.

Massage therapy is designed to work away stress, pain, and tension. While you will find relief from massage physically, when you come to us at Alchemy in Healing you can also find relief in unlikely places, such as for your blood pressure, a stimulated immune system, migraine recovery, and increased circulation.

Benefits of Reiki Treatment in Sedona

Reiki is a treatment that we here at Alchemy in Healing strongly believe in. It is a form of healing that works by channeling energy. The ancient technique was created in Japan and revolves around the idea that we each have our own life-force energy. This energy freely flows through our bodies and, through the process of reiki, can be moved to areas that are problematic. The goal of Reiki is to reduce pain, stress, and promote continued healing with your life-force energy.

What makes Alchemy in Healing the perfect location for a Reiki treatment is the town itself. Sedona is famous for its energy vortexes. There are multiple vortexes throughout the area, each generating different types of energy. This energy can be useful in Reiki treatments to help further promote the healing process. The energy of the earth can be harnessed to flow upwards into those who are lacking or, on the other hand, can send bad energy from the body into the earth.

When You Should Consider Treatment

When it comes to massage and Reiki treatments, you shouldn't just look for back or neck pain as a reason to get treatment. Both forms of treatment can provide relief for a number of different conditions. Both can also promote flexibility, strength, and healing.

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