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Five Benefits of Massage Therapy

The power and benefits of massage therapy have been studied for decades and anyone who has ever been the recipient of a professional massage knows first-hand just how beneficial massage therapy can be.

You may already know and understand that a massage will make you feel better both physically and mentally, but have you ever wondered why that is possible?

Read on as we delve into the five top benefits of massage therapy.

Reduce Muscle Soreness and Pain

If you work all day at a hard labor job or even if you simply undergo a tough workout, your muscles can be left aching and painful. Therapeutic massage is a great recovery tool for sore muscles for athletes, laborers, and many others. It can also help reduce the pain that people experience after surgery or from diseases such as fibromyalgia.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Life is crazy for most people. From family obligations to deadlines at your job and social engagements, most people in today's busy world are inundated with responsibilities and tasks that they must complete. Getting a massage on a regular basis will help reduce your stress level as well as the anxiety that you may be experiencing. Therapeutic massage relaxes both the body and the mind and we'll leave you with a feeling of calmness and a sense of well-being.

Better Sleep

Many people have insomnia or simply do not get a quality night of sleep. Therapeutic massages have been found to help people fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and even experience better quality sleep. It is important for your overall physical and mental well-being to get the proper amount of rest.

Improve Immunity

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce the chances that you will come down with a disease, virus, or an infection since it increases the number of lymphocytes, which are the body's white blood cells that help defend you from illness, that are found in your blood. Massage therapy can also reduce inflammation and the hormone cortisol.

Increase Range of Motion and Flexibility

Whether you are in need of a sports massage or massage therapy for other reasons, you can actually become more flexible and experience a better range of motion in your joints when you regularly get massages. Massage therapy has been shown to increase blood flow to your muscles as well as your joints and promote circulation of your lymphatic system while keeping you more healthy.

If you are ready to undergo a relaxing and therapeutic massage that will give you a higher quality of life, contact Alchemy in Healing today for an appointment.

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